• International Marketing

    We take the marketing of your home very seriously. That is why in addition to the the more than 300 national sites that your home is marketed to on a regular basis, we spend a lot of time and extra money marketing to international clientele.  In this way you receive more exposure of your property than any other marketing team offers in Hawaii.  If you have questions on a specific service provider, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our network List of our real estate portals network. Local … [Click to Continue Reading]

    International Marketing
  • Property Values

    Pricing your home correctly is one of the most important parts of selling your home. We use extensive statistical analysis as well as industry experience to determine the proper valuation for your home. We will provide you with all of this information at our Marketing Presentation.  One of the major problems that people encounter trying to go it alone in selling their home is that the majority of sellers will under price their property and get significantly less than what it is worth. Plus, … [Click to Continue Reading]

    Property Values
  • Communication Guarantee

    If you're trying to decide who to hire to represent you in your real estate transaction, I would bet good communication is pretty high up on your must have list.   We guarantee that you will hear from us often through our Communication Guarantee.  In fact we will contact you a minimum of 1 time per week to give you an update on how the sale of your property is going. Many sellers report that they almost never hear from their agent after they list their home. We don’t understand how those agents … [Click to Continue Reading]

    Communication Guarantee
  • Short Sale your Home

    Is a Short Sale the right choice for you? If you owe more on your home than it is currently worth and want or need to sell then you are a prime candidate for a short sale.  Remember you only have until December 31, 2013 to waive the 1099C tax liability for primary residents. Maria M. Sims "Mia" has been helping people short sale properties for the last 7 years after the market turned. She has a track record for closing every approvable short sale in under 6 months. If you are facing … [Click to Continue Reading]

    Short Sale your Home
  • Our Marketing Plan

    109 Steps to Success Maria M. Sims "Mia" is one of the top agents in all of Maui County. It is crucial to hire the right agent to sell your home. We have the most extensive and comprehensive Marketing Plan available on the entire island of Maui and probably the entire state of Hawaii. Our 109 steps to success marketing plan covers advanced marketing techniques to maximize your property's exposure in the quickest amount of time and make you more money faster.  Our experience in marketing, … [Click to Continue Reading]

    Our Marketing Plan
  • Guaranteed Sold

    Our "Guaranteed Sale Program in 39 Days or Less" is designed for motivated homeowners of property in Maui who are looking to sell their home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. When you hire Maria M. Sims as your professional real estate broker and you select our optional Guaranteed Sale Program you, the homeowner, will know for what price and how long it will take to get your home sold.  In the rare occasion your home does not sell within the 39 Days – we will sell your … [Click to Continue Reading]

    Guaranteed Sold