Guaranteed Sold

Our “Guaranteed Sale Program in 39 Days or Less” is designed for motivated homeowners of property in Maui who are looking to sell their home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. When you hire Maria M. Sims as your professional real estate broker and you select our optional Guaranteed Sale Program you, the homeowner, will know for what price and how long it will take to get your home sold.  In the rare occasion your home does not sell within the 39 Days – we will sell your home for FREE!  To see if your home qualifies and for details about our guaranteed sale program please fill out the form below:

* Please note: The Guaranteed Sold Program is not available for Vacant Land, Commercial Properties, Leasehold Properties, Short Term Rental Properties, Short Sale Properties, Foreclosure Properties, Long Term Rental Properties with non cooperating tenants, or properties that are non-conforming or have illegal and/or non-permitted work or structures. Furthermore, the Guaranteed Sold Program is only available for properties that are < 1 Million Dollars (USD).  The Guaranteed Sold Program is only available for properties that reside on the island of Maui. Exclusions may also apply to extremely remote areas. Please contact me today to see if your property will be allowed in the program.